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31 Days of Halloween: Day 2, Ah-Mazing Maze

Many of the entries in our 31 Days of Halloween series are short documentaries highlighting local activities and events around Portland, Oregon. This one took place at Baggenstos Farms, which features an impressive 5 acre corn maze. Have a look… we think you’ll agree it’s got that distinctive “Orio flair.”



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31 Days of Halloween: Day 1, It’s All About the Candy Corn

Back in September of 2010, our good friend Lani Voivod of Epiphanies, Inc., innocently suggested “You guys love Halloween so much; you really should do a quick video every day for October.” On September 29, we decided to commit and two days later launched our first video. Had we known what insanity it would be to produce a brand new video every day, we might have said no, thanks. But we went for it and it turned out to be one of the most satisfying things we’ve ever done. It was exhausting and exhilarating, and gave jump-started our creative mojo. Orio became a shooting and editing machine, while I was a scheduling madwoman. It was madness of the very best kind! 

We proudly herewith present Day 1, so grab a bag of candy corn (which, BTW, Orio doesn’t even like), kick back and enjoy!

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